Valentines Day Activities for Families To Do Together


(Contributed by Matt Spring.)

Valentines Day usually brings to mind hearts, candy and flowers. But are things you can do with your family on February 14th that are fun and interactive, without breaking the bank? Yes! All it takes is a little bit of creativity and some easy to find items, and you can make a holiday about love that your family will love!

  • Heart Maker Contest

    • This is a fun little competition to be played by two or more. Print an identical outline of a heart on a piece of paper for each player. Have everyone study the heart, then hold it behind their back. Now, without looking, each player tries to tear the heart out along the outline, without looking. Whoever’s make the best looking heart, wins. But remember, no peeking!
  • L-O-V-E spells Y-O-U

    • Have each child pick the name of someone they love and write that name vertically on a piece of paper. Then have them write a sentence about what they like about that person, starting with each letter of that name. For example, the first A in Adam could read, “Always plays catch with me.” It’s a great way to have your kids think about what they like in their friends and family and afterwards, they have a very nice gift to give that person.
  • “Linked by Love” chain decorations

    • What better way to show how love links us all together, than with the links of a decorative chain? Cut pink, red and white construction paper into long strips. Lay one strip on top of another and use a glue stick to connect the bottoms of each. Now, bend the unglued tops of the two strips over, so you can glue their outsides together, making a heart shape out of the two strips. Each heart shape you make after that just has to be threaded through the one before it. Voila! An easy, festive chain to use as decoration for your Valentines Day party!
  • “Forget Me Not” memory game

    • Cut heart shapes out of construction paper. Write a famous word pair on each half of the heart (ex: “Sugar/Spice”, “Peanut Butter/Jelly”, “Music/Dancing”, etc.). Cut each heart in half, so that one word is on each piece. Turn all the half-hearts face down, mix them up, and spread them out evenly. Now you have the makings for a classic game of memory. Taking turns, each player flips two half-hearts over to see if they go together. If they don’t, they get turned back face down. If they do, the player gets to keep the full heart. The player with the most restored hearts, wins!
  • Delicious Jewelry

    • Make edible jewelry that’s both fun and delicious! Tape the end of a piece of thin elastic to a table, one for each person. Then provide life savers, licorice pieces, and other round candy or cereal for people to string on their elastic. Once they’ve made the pattern they want out of food, tie the two ends together. Now they have a necklace or bracelet to wear or snack on whenever they want!

These are just a few fun things to do on Valentines Day with your family. The possibilities for what can be done with all the fun elements of the holiday are endless. Your kids will love it!

Photo Credit: Nora Pacher

Originally Published 2/14/2017

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