5 Etsy Moms You Won’t Want To Miss


Introducing Things We Love

Every month, we’ll be sharing some of our favorite online parenting finds in a series called “Things We Love.”

There may be no better place for finding “Things We Love” than the super mom-friendly marketplace known as Etsy. Etsy, of course, is not only a hotbed for creativity, it’s also a practical platform where innovative (often stay-at-home) moms can earn a living selling things they make.

While Etsy is full of success stories like Valeriya Herberger or Alicia Shaffer (who makes $70,000+ per month selling headbands and socks…yes, socks), it’s also full of designs inspired by and for families.

We of course LOVE how creativity-meets-family at Etsy, which is why we had to share some links to these five Etsy artists who make trendy, whimsical items with kids and family in mind.

Five Awesome Etsy Sellers Who Make Items For Kids and Families

1. You’ll love how Gingiber’s loveable animal prints and pillows complement your kid-friendly spaces.

2. Paintings from Kiki and Polly capture memorable kid moments that every family can relate to.

3. Alicia Bock’s upbeat, kid-inspired photography brings a lively vibe to any room.

4. Baby Jives presents a whimsical, modern take on mobiles that will be the icing on the cake for your nursery.

5. The Wishing Elephant is full of quirky, custom onesies and pint-sized costumes that will add some imaginative play to your ordinary days.

Photo credit: Maxime Perron Caissy

Originally Published 7/28/2015

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