Free Road Trip Activities for Families!


By now, most families are nearing (or have already reached) the end of the school year and are probably already looking ahead to a sun-filled summer. And so begins a season packed with outdoor play, family trips…and by this time next week, complaints of boredom.

That’s why Sparkhouse Family will be sharing all kinds of resources designed to help keep kids busy, active, and happy (and also to keep parents sane).

Before you reach your limit, reach for these free activities!

We’re starting off this series of activities with some free printables to take along with you on an outing or roadtrip.

To head off that tired, cranky moment before it starts, here’s a Bingo card, an I Spy game, and coloring pages to help make the down time happy time!

As an additional option, each activity pairs perfectly with a faith-filled DVD kids could also take along and watch on the ride. And right now, DVDs are 30% off and include FREE shipping when you use the promo code ROADTRIP at checkout at the Sparkhouse Family store.

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Originally Published 6/8/2016


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