Overwhelmed Moms: Get Your Steep On


Article contributed by Osheta Moore. (Read about all our writers here.)

I started the day feeling empty and overwhelmed by motherhood.

Tyson, my oldest son got up at midnight sick and vomiting so I “slept” on the couch to be near him. This morning my six and seven year old “made” their own breakfast when I accidentally overslept on the couch.  As a result they spilled milk and green paint (wha…huh?) on my new tablecloth.

After I cleaned up the kitchen table and attempted to send the kids to school, T.J.,my middle son refused to wear his coat because it stank to high heaven (long story).

Thankfully the high was 57, darn near sweltering for a New England winter, so I pulled a light jacket from the donation bag and sent them on their way.  To top it all off, I was sure any moment Tempestt Bledsoe would burst into my house camera men at the ready to feature my kitchen on “Clean House”.

By bedtime the day seemed to turn completely around.

My sick son was nearly recovered.  Our family movie night was awesome. (Rent Hotel Transylvania. The autotune wonder that is the closing number is worth the Redbox 1.50 rental. I promise.)  The kids were in bed and asleep by 8.  I had a glorious shower where I actually got to shave!  (Yay!)  My kitchen’s not as messy. (Tempestt wouldn’t waste her time here now.) And, to top it all off,  it smells wonderful thanks to the Yankee Candle coupon I found in the bottom my purse.

These are little blessings. But they unexpectedly built trust in this weary mama’s heart.

There’s so many things to worry about with motherhood:
Their safety.
Their happiness.
Their futures.

But, somewhere I remember Jesus teaching us not to worry.

He pointed to the birds who started their day with nothing but were fed by a loving God.  They didn’t try to micromanage the menu, they trusted that they’ll receive exactly what they need.  Lord, can I trust you like that?

Then there are those annoyingly contented lilies that remain rooted where God placed them to reflect His beauty.  Lovely witnesses to the creativity, wisdom, and care of our God; they are not worried that should beautify another field. Maybe one day He’ll move them, but for now, they trust in His initiative.  Lord, can I trust you like that?

And so He says to my skeptical heart: But you know both God and how He works. Steep your life in God-reality, God-initiative, God-provisions. Don’t worry about missing out. You’ll find all your everyday human concerns will be met. (Matthew 6:33 The Message)

Motherhood feels more urgent.  More important.   More Kingdom than birds and flowers and quizzical sermons preached by wise rabbis.

Yet, we’re called to steep in God’s reality.  His Initiative.  His provision.  Can I trust like that for my children?

I know both God’s character and how He works.  I know He is unchanging in His goodness and I know that He is mindful of even the smallest of creation.  How can he not be mindful of me and the call He’s placed on our lives?

So, fellow worry-wart Mama, knowing God and how He works, let’s overcome worry by getting our steep on.

Let’s steep ourselves in God-reality: remembering the ways He’s come through for us when it seemed hopeless.
Let’s steep ourselves in God-initiative for us: trusting Him to be a better giver than we are “getters”.
Let’s steep ourselves in God-provision: thanking Him for the small blessings that reveal His big heart and care for us.

Which “steep” is hardest for you to do?

What are some ways you’ve seen God-reality, God-initiative, or God-provision in your life? For me it’s shaven legs and yummy candles.  Laughter with my children and a semi-cleaned kitchen.  A quiet house save for the click-clacking of my computer and Jewish hip-hop reggae on my husband, ministry partner and best friends’ laptop.

Knowing God and how he works, sisters—let’s get our steep on.

Photo Credit: Jess Hall

Originally Published 8/25/2015

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