A (Sort-of) Scientific Breakdown of How Much Moms Are Worth

Just how much is a mom worth?

Most of our Sparkhouse Family readers are moms, so there’s little need to explain the value of this important parenting role.

But it might be worth pointing out that we have a wide range of women in our audience base. Moms who work part-time or full-time outside the home, moms who earn income from home, moms who work as caregivers to their kids without earning income, and everything in between.And in our eyes, every single one of them is a respected professional, often times with leadership and management competencies that would make the brightest CEOs jealous.

But it’s rare that someone actually notices all the little things moms do before and after and at the same time as they’re check off other life objectives. And it’s even more rare that someone actually tries to calculate the value of all the things mom accomplish on any given day. So even though we don’t really believe that dollars and cents can ever fully capture the worth of a mom, the chart below from DegreeSearch sure did make us smile.

We couldn’t help but share it with you.

Originally Published 6/9/2016

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