5 Things Parents Will Love About the All New Frolic Books


Introducing Frolic!

Sparkhouse Family is pleased to announce the release of Frolic, a new series of books for families to read with their youngest children (Ages 0-5).  In celebration of this newly released brand, whose tag line is “Little Steps, Big Faith,” we’re devoting all of our online space to Frolic this week.  From our Facebook and Twitter profiles to our blog, readers will find there’s been a “Frolic takeover” as fun Frolic-inspired images and themes appear across our sites.

Here’s 5 Things Parents Will Love About Frolic.

1. The Frolic Bible and books make it fun and easy for parents to talk to their children about faith, in ways that children can understand. There’s even special content just for parents in every book.

2. These books are especially unique because they’re designed to help shape kids understanding of God, themselves, and the world–impressions that will likely last for the rest of their lives!

3. Delightful animal characters introduce little ones to God’s love and care with friendly, colorful illustrations and content that’s just right for their development.

4. Our Frolic board books are high quality resources that work well for little ones who may still be hard on the pages of a traditional book. They combine child development principles and faith concepts to help parents guide their children’s first steps in faith.

5. Frolic picture books are fun to read! They invite preschoolers to follow along with the adventures of Hal, Jo, Ava, Rufus, and Uri as they solve common childhood challenges with Biblical solutions.

Explore more here or skip straight to the store to add these to your cart.

Check out our Frolic book covers, with descriptions, below.

Originally Published 5/17/2016

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