Embark on a Bible Journey with your Family!

It’s not too late to start following our 2017 Bible Reading Plan! This month’s theme is “Escape from Egypt.”

In the weeks ahead, your family will enjoy exploring how Moses led the Hebrew people in a daring escape out of Egypt. Kids will create a Family Road Trip Adventure kit for your next journey together. You’ll also spend some time discussing how people are still moving from one land to another to escape danger today.

The plan includes discussion questions, a family activity, and a prayer to say together. Post March’s plan on your refrigerator and let kids check off each Bible story as you go!

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Upcoming monthly themes:


The Story of Easter


Kids in the Bible


Splashy Stories in the Bible


Women of the New Testament


Road Trip!


Animals in the Bible


Amazing Stories in the Bible

*These months will include a more robust plan to help kids stay busy during the summer months!

Originally Published 3/1/2017

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