4 Meaningful Easter Ideas for Families (No Chocolate Bunnies Included)

Easter is an exciting season for kids—from Easter egg hunts to Easter baskets to the Easter bunny. It’s also the most pivotal holiday in the Christian faith, where we celebrate the triumph of life over death. This year, go beyond the commercial observance of Easter and talk with your children about the resurrection of Jesus and how it changed something fundamental about the world and about humanity.

  1. Our Family Easter Event Kit includes The Story of Easter DVD, a picture book, and an activity book packed with puzzles, mazes, and art projects–everything you need for a memorable Easter celebration with your family. The full retail value of the kit is $40, but it’s on sale for $20 until March 15. Watch the trailer for the video here.
  2. Go on a Family Easter Walk – Read the Easter story together as a family and then head out for a walk with our free downloadable Family Easter Walk activity. As you walk, have kids look for each item on the list and discuss how each item symbolizes a part of the Easter story.
  3. Color the stories of Easter week – Each coloring page highlights a different part of the Easter story, from Palm Sunday to the Resurrection. Read the Bible stories together while kids color each page.
  4. Hunt for Resurrection Eggs – Fill clean, plastic eggs with your child’s favorite dry cereal for a candy-free Easter morning egg hunt. Hide the eggs for your kid(s) to find: under a chair, on a table, in a shoe. When the eggs are all found and the cereal eaten, introduce the “Alleluia!” moment of the empty tomb. Open each egg, see that it is empty and say, “Alleluia! The tomb is empty! Jesus is risen!” Your little ones will enjoy the predictability of your search and the celebration that comes with it.

If the crucifixion was about everything that was broken about the world, Easter is about how we can be free from everything that is broken. For this reason Jesus is called “Savior.”

He is risen indeed!

Originally Published 3/7/2017

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